Website building – YP Wedding and Party Hire

My Good Friday has been spent getting a website for my friend’s business YP Wedding and Party Hire off the ground.


With an online presence, this business is now able to regularly update services and improve their Google search presence.

This website has been built within the blogging platform WordPress as it will allow the business owner to operate and update their own website as their services change.

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Why should a business blog?

In a nutshell? A blog can build trust, give your business personality and raise your profile.

When combined, these factors can lead to increased sales.

Let’s look at why…


TRUST – As the owner of a newly built home, I’m a Bunnings regular*. When it was time to save money and build a retaining wall by ourselves, my partner and I sought advice from Bunnings staff on what materials to purchase. The staff member talked us through the process, gave us some fact sheets and looked at our plans before helping us buy our goods.

The Bunnings staffer didn’t have to spend that time with us and give us extra information, check over our plans and generally be really helpful. BUT, the fact that they went above and beyond developed trust with us as customers and encouraged a return visit.

The same goes for a blog post. If you’re commenting on something topical to your business and you provide valuable advice, the reader will trust you, despite never having met you. They will be more likely to visit your business online and potentially even visit in real life.

PERSONALITY – Coffee shops with the nice barista/waiter who makes conversation and remembers your name/order give you the warm fuzzies? It’s this same relationships that can be built via a blog.

A reader will learn your name, they’ll feel as though you’re speaking directly to them and I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather hand over my hard-earned dollars to someone I know than to a stranger who has no face.

A blog will become the personality of your business and if you have a nice personality, you’ll gain friends (ie. loyal customers).

PROFILE – These days most businesses have a website, which has contact information and service outlines and while having a website is essential, it really doesn’t set you apart from the crowd any more.

A blog which develops trust and shows personality will inevitably be shared online by your customers with friends and family. People will develop opinions and seek you out for yours and there is a very real potential for you to have conversations with your customers, learn more about what they want and expose your brand to more than just those who are return customers.

Who wouldn’t want their brand to have be trusted, have a personality and have an ever-increasing presence? No one that’s who!

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*I’m not sponsored by Bunnings, or my local coffee place or anyone else. I just like Bunnings! I also like their sausage sizzles!

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