Rach And Media’s Hoot coverage published

Back in June I had the chance to attend the Hoot Jazz Music Festival in Mt Barker and take photos for the Adelaide Hills Magazine. It was a great night with a street party featuring live music, food and drink and lots of people went along.

If you ever get the chance to drop by during Hoot, which is usually held during the June long weekend, I highly recommend it. Thanks again to the Adelaide Hills Magazine for the photography opportunity.

The beautiful Winter 2013 cover

The beautiful Winter 2013 cover

The Hoot action in print.

The Hoot action in print.

Winter 2013 contributors.

Winter 2013 contributors.

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Baby photo shoots galore!

This past month or so has been filled with newborn babies and I’ve had the pleasure of photographing many of these new little people. It has been an absolute pleasure!

Baby photo shoots can be tough if your photo subject isn’t in the mood, but the results are so very rewarding. For just an hour of your time, I can capture memories that will last you a lifetime.

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WEA Photography course

Journalists at country newspapers are literally handed a notepad, pen and a camera and left to sink or swim. It’s a tough initiation into the world of photography, but you learn from your mistakes.

Without any formal training beyond some internal courses over the years, I recently signed on for a WEA adult learning course in SLR cameras. This was a course for beginners and some of the content wasn’t overly helpful to me, but the other sections were fantastic.

The course consisted of two days in the classroom and a night time and early morning outing. This is where we got to put our newly learned skills into practice.

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Some of the more interesting things the course took me through was exposure and white balance when dealing with white in an image.

white balance

An example of working with white balance. The clouds on the left without detail and on the right after white balance adjustment.

Another interesting skill involved adjusting exposure in low light and bringing out the shadow of the tree in this water. I also had to show the difference in an image when flipped. The composition of a photo can make or break an image.

Which do you prefer?

The original, with some pretty shadows on the water.

The original, with some pretty shadows on the water.

The flipped image.

The flipped image.

While we were in the WEA classroom, my pink water bottle was a perfect photo subject. There are quite a few people (myself included) with half an SD card full of pink water bottle images!

My infamous water bottle in action.

My infamous water bottle in action.

Event Photography – Adelaide Hills Magazine

I’ve been waiting impatiently for a few months now to see my first photo spread in the Adelaide Hills Magazine, following my attendance at the Highland Gathering in Mt Barker in February.

The extremely hot summer’s day (38 degrees!) was filled with the traditional bagpipes you’d find at any Scottish event, but also with some ┬áStrong Man events, a caber toss and a hilarious knobbly knees competition.

I can’t wait to have the chance to attend my next event for the Adelaide Hills Magazine!!

The Autumn 2013 edition of the Adelaide Hills Magazine.

The Autumn 2013 edition of the Adelaide Hills Magazine.

Love a good byline!

Love a good byline!

My pictures in print!

My pictures in print!

For more information about the Adelaide Hills Magazine, an award winning publication in its own right, visit their website, like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

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Sports photography – on the hockey field

dom til

Dominie and Matilda featured in Adelaide Hills newspaper The Courier after making state squad selection. Location – Anembo Park, Littlehampton.


Action shots for sports team website, presentations or memorabilia can add real depth to your message. Location – Woodville Hockey grounds, Woodville


Dominie in search of someone to hit to. Location – Seacliff Hockey Club, Seacliff.


Laura pushes into attack. Location – Seacliff Hockey Club, Seacliff.


Liam celebrates state team selection by appearing in Adelaide Hills newspaper, The Courier. Location – Anembo Park, Littlehampton.


Tim penetrates defence during a scratch match. Location – Anembo Park, Littlehampton.

U18 prems

The Under 18 boys celebrate a premiership. Location – North East Hockey Club, Golden Grove.

As a member of the Adelaide Hills Hockey Club, I’ve been using my skills to promote the club and gain media coverage for many years. Sport action photography is something I have developed while working country newspapers and I continue to take photos for my club and at various other sporting events I attend. Clubs can benefit from having professional shots taken of teams, presentation nights and of their games by having content for their promotions and websites. An archive of photos also helps with documenting club history for years to come.

If your club is looking to appear in the local media and you want to provide your own content, contact Rach And Media. Photographs and written content can be packaged upon request.

For more information about the Adelaide Hills Hockey Club, which is always keen to welcome players with or without experience, visit our website.

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The wedding of Ally & Tom


This has to be my favourite photo of the whole day. Such a tender moment as the bride is helped out of the wedding car by her father. Location – Rainforest Retreat, Murray Bridge

DSC_4691 corr

It was a bit of effort to get onto the railway lines at Murray Bridge, but the photos made it all worth it. Location – Railway Station, Murray Bridge, off Railway Terrace.

DSC_4560 cont corr

I love a good group shot to give the bride and groom lasting memories from a day that goes so fast! Location – Rainforest Retreat, Murray Bridge


The grooms men play around as they wait for the bride and her bridesmaids to get organised. So manly! Location – Railway Station, Murray Bridge, off Railway Terrace.

DSC_4792 corr

A special pop of colour from a parasol brought back on the newlywed’s recent adventure in Burma gives these old rail carriages a new lease on life. Location – Sturt Reserve, Murray Bridge


What a lovely bridal party! Location – Sturt Reserve Murray Bridge.


The groom’s one job for the wedding was to organise the bridal cars! He pulled it off with class with a Jaguar and Rolls Royce transporting the bridal party around Murray Bridge in style!


Special mention has to go to best man Steve for his speech. It was hands down the best speech I’ve ever heard a best man make, there were tears, laughter and just the right amount of funny! Location – Ramblers Football Clubrooms, Murray Bridge.

Goofy grins were the order of the day for Ally & Tom, as the pair could not contain their glee at reaching their wedding day. I struggled to photograph the bride on her walk down the aisle and she admitted she was walking fast as she just wanted to get to Tom! The ceremony was held in the beautiful gardens of Rainforest Retreat in Murray Bridge and we timed our photoshoot to avoid freight trains, but include the railway tracks for some photos with a bit of old-world charm. Sturt Reserve in Murray Bridge and of course the bridges also featured on the day. The reception was held at the Ramblers Football Clubrooms and Emcee Grant McAvaney, who is a cousin to the bride, put on a performance not to be forgotten!

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The wedding of Monica and Simon


Monica made a beautiful bride. Location – Maid of Honour’s house prior to ceremony


This photo is proof that sometimes the locations you barely consider can make for a great backdrop. Location – Maid of Honour’s house.

DSC_3265auto correct

The best photos always come from a casual setting. Look at what happens when you tell the bride and groom to take a walk! Location – West Beach foreshore


You can’t forget the shiny wedding cars! Location – Brougham Gardens, North Adeliade

DSC_3410auto correct

So much love!


I’ve been in a wedding where a similar shot was taken and I was excited to re-create it myself. The soft light and beautiful Moreton Bay Fig tree created the perfect setting. Location – Brougham Gardens, North Adelaide

You know a bride is keen to call her groom a husband when she’s early for the ceremony and has to wait outside just in case guests are still arriving! That was Monica on the day she married Simon in December 2012 and Simon was just as excited. Following the ceremony in a beautiful church in the Adelaide suburb of Kensington, guests greeted the happy couple in the church gardens and it was obvious that friends and family were looking forward to this day just as much as the bride and groom. Photoshoot locations followed at West Beach and gardens in North Adelaide before a dinner reception at The Old Adelaide Inn on O’Connell Street.

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The wedding of Jordaine & David

DSC_0713 corr

A special moment as the bride’s mother does a reading during the ceremony.

DSC_0671 corr

I just love Jordaine’s face here as her brother walks her down the aisle. Happy and relaxed was the order of the day!

DSC_0868 corr

It was a hot day and this big old oak tree was the perfect place for photos following the ceremony.


A nice family shot for the bride has captured a happy moment to be looked back on in years to come.


Had to slip in a funny photo here! David surprised Jordaine with this one and the look on her face says it all.


Such a gentleman!


A quick relaxed shot as the couple returns to the reception following the photoshoot captured the beauty of their location perfectly.

Jordaine and David had been together for quite a few years before they made it official in 2011, but anyone who knew them had no doubt that they would be together forever. The pair have a light-hearted humour and bounce off each other in ways that only a couple who truly enjoy each other’s company can do. They married on David’s property in the Adelaide Hills near Kersbrook during the day and celebrated with guests to the tune of a jazz band following the ceremony.

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The wedding of Heidi & Robbie


Sigh. The Adelaide Hills settings make my job so much easier and the glowing bride made for a perfect pre-ceremony photo!


Striking bridesmaid dresses matched the clear blue sky on this day and added some real ‘zing’ to the photos!


The groom and his grooms men were in good spirits prior to the ceremony! Location – The Carlton Club, Hahndorf


A bit of bridesmaid fun shares the mood of the day. Location – The Carlton Club, Hahndorf


The stereotypical Australian bush that surrounded the wedding location had a lot of character to work with during the photoshoot. Location – The Carlton Club, Hahndorf.


How could a groom get to the big day without his best man? Robbie sits with his best man and reflects following the ceremony. Location – The Carlton Club, Hahndorf

Heidi & Robbie’s Wedding: A few years ago now I was asked by a friend to photograph their wedding. It was my first job and it was very nerve-wracking, but with several years of photography experience working for a country newspaper behind me I knew the basics.

The results of the day were fantastic and so started my love for wedding photography and capturing a special day for a special pair.

Heidi & Robbie were married in the gardens at The Carlton Club in Hahndorf, with an afternoon tea reception immediately following. Robbie’s excitement at becoming Heidi’s husband was so beautiful that his speech will be one to remember, both for numerous toasts and its length!

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